MobileIron supports Cisco Security Connector, enhancing the enterprise security backbone for iOS
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April 24, 2018
The release of iOS 11 and 11.3 come at a time when organizations are shifting away from legacy PC environments to mobile iOS devices and applications. The new iPad Pro lineup includes major multitasking and file management capabilities that combine the robust features of a desktop PC with the speed and portability of a world-class mobile device.
But the brave new world of mobile apps and cloud services requires more than productivity features. Organizations need comprehensive enterprise security and optimized network performance in order to enable true business transformation. Fortunately, organizations can take advantage of security enhancements in iOS 11 and 11.3. These include support for products Cisco has introduced to provide enterprise grade visibility and control for business-owned iOS devices.
Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and enterprise mobility management (EMM) frameworks such as MobileIron, are the backbone for this expanded security capability.

Device Enrollment Program updates

In iOS 11, customers can now enroll any device in DEP, not just those purchased from an authorized reseller. This change may be especially useful for schools and other organizations that receive donated devices, because now any iOS device can be enrolled in DEP. Devices purchased at the Apple Store and then expensed can also be enrolled in EMM through DEP. As an added security enhancement, iOS device supervision and EMM enrollment will now be automatic and mandatory under DEP.

Cisco network management and security in iOS 11

iOS 11 includes support for more Cisco network and security solutions. Deploying some of these solutions requires iOS devices to be in supervised mode, which gives...

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