For the administration of mobile devices and laptops MobilGest has the following features:




Detecting changes in the devices and notification to the administrator of these
Ensure that applications are up to date about updates
Collection of data relevant to the company and sending detailed reports for each device

Software Distribution

Distribution and installing applications without user intervention unless limited by operating system
Updating applications remotely
Apple Store Enterprise para iOS & Google Play Privado by Android for the distribution of business applications without having to publish
Maintenance and monitoring and troubleshooting applications with missing or corrupt files
Compression and segmentation send applications to avoid overload and slowdown of communications on the device
Distributions programmable
Traces of installed packages
License monitoring deployed against the acquired


Enter device configuration automatically
Limit the use of applications, Bluetooth, camera, Store ...
Provides the ability to reverse changes made without being noticed by users
Improves user experience
Policy-based Configuration


Management device passcode
Possibility of locking and device reset
Configuring VPN, WiFi, APN, email, etc.. without user intervention
Distribution and use of certificates
Backup and Data Encryption

Console scripts

Visual interface creation scripts
Create custom tasks and automate the flow of these tasks quickly