Technical assistance will be provided every weekday from our offices in Barcelona from 9:00 to 21:00 pm (GMT +01: 00).

Be given, in turn, support for emergency work permanently, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Just to solving critical problems or planned procedures detailed below.

Technical assistance will be provided through e-mail or phone Customer will communicate properly.

In the table below we can see the support contract MobilGest.

Support Features


Support MobilGest


From 9:00 to 21:00 every weekday , for incidents Priority B and C

Support 24 x 7 for priority incidents A.

Types of Assistance

Remote Assistance to priority levels B , C within office hours.

Number of incidents


There is no limit on the number of incidents.

Priority Levels

3 Levels of Priority .

The type of response and resolution formulas depend on the priority of the incident.

Opening Incident

Through email, phone, Web or alarm systems monitoring system

Notification Versions


When SAP releases new versions and releases.

Patch notification


When SAP creates new patches.

Monitoring Service


Real time monitoring the correct operation of the service, including an automatic alarm. 

Report Delivery

Automatic generation and delivery of detailed reports on SLA's service. The reports are delivered regularly quarterly.


Description Service Development Support

In this section we will detail and develops the support service MobilGest, indicating the kinds of incidents and its translation to the priority of the incidents, and the type and response time depending on the priority of incidents and the type of contract.

Classes offered technical services

We have 4 classes ranked requests for customer support:

  • Class 1: MobilGest has a general fault affecting all services of the solution and end users. The service does not work properly.  
  • Class 2: The end user has a problem that affects the functionality of the device, it has broken down, has lost or has been subtracted.
  • Class 3: The user has detected a fault, but the device works and the situation is not critical.
  • Class 4: Everything works fine but the user needs:
    • New scheduling define a group,
    • A change in the configuration,
    • Apply a new security policy
    • Software Upgrade
    • Replace the unit (eg in the case has been broken)
    • Add, delete, etc devices.



Priority for Tickets

When the customer opens a ticket soporteo requests a service, it is assigned a priority depending on the class of your application. We have 3 levels of priority:

  • Priority Type A: To open tickets under Class 1 and 2.
  • Priority Type B: For open under class 3 tickets.
  • Priority Type C: For open tickets under Class 4.


The objective is that the impact of users are initially handled by the team to Att Users USAT. In our case an intervention is needed will be required by USAT to MobilGest (never directly by the user) ".

You may set a kind of priority tickets, but do not adhere to the previously defined class. You will be who ultimately requested or authorized by an on-site intervention.


Service Level Agreement ( SLA )

Depending on the priority, the tickets will be treated in a certain period "Response Time" according to the following table.

Table 2 SLA

Priority ticket types

Response Time

Priority A

Up to 4 hours*

Priority B

Up to 4 hours**

Priority C

Next day**

* The tickets are handled with priority A 24x7 coverage.

** The ticket must be opened on a weekday (within hours).


In the case of not meeting the response times specified in this section of SLA's, customer will be credited 15 days of contract services, not the cost of licenses.


Information required for a fault

The customer should prepare the following information before contacting the support service to open a trouble ticket.

  • Phone.
  • The error message when there has been appearing.
  • Detailed description of the problem or service request.


Reporting and tracking details.

On a quarterly basis the customer will receive a full report based on support activities. The history and current status of each delos tickets you requested.

The customer can view real-time status of each ticket through the support website.

Detailed report monitoring support:

  • Graphic summary, detailing the number of cases and services that have been made.
  • Summary data and cases registered in the database client MobilGest events.
  • Response time information for monitoring SLA's.
  • Delivery reports monitoring the status of the servers and services, in order to detect performance problems due to lack of memory, CPU, bandwidth, etc..


Customer obligations.

In order that our company can carry out its support obligations the customer must:

  • Whenever possible, provide a technically competent person with knowledge of the system and its failures, so that you can actively participate in problem resolution.
  • Provide data that are required by our technical department to fulfill its obligations and to diagnostic testing and repair.
  • Any other action deemed necessary our technicians or asking in order to perform their job.



No limitations in the field of fault diagnosis and fault; service repair MobilGest not included or is responsible for the following:

  • Errors in the operating systems of the devices.
  • Hardware failures of the devices.
  • Communication problems in the devices due to communications.
  • Malfunction third-party applications.
  • Failures of software data and client applications.
  • Invalid software and hardware configurations not supported.
  • Any settings that have not been previously detailed service MobilGest.
  • Helpdesk customers not authorized by the customer.


Opening incident

Incidents should be reported via phone, email or by making an opening through Internet.

Phone support: XXXXXXXXX

E-mail support: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Incident opening URLs: logged delivered and password access.


Treatment of APN's & mail settings

For email setup and APN's in SmartPhones devices (Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, tablets etc.) That do not allow the configuration from MobilGest, we will provide free use of a code that will allow this configuration .

In the case of email the user must enter their credentials mail access.