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SAP Mobile Documents

Mobile content management and protection of company assets

Every day, employees move / copy business files on their mobile devices to work at home, traveling, or on a client. Mobile working is a reality, 80% of employees say they need to access your documents from outside the office. Companies need a secure and reliable platform for managing content on mobile devices.

Today, 66% of workers use file transfer tool, files are sent to personal email accounts and syncing with iTunes as standard forms to copy / move files from the company's business to a mobile device. These daily practices may be easy but they are dangerous. Companies have to lock the contents and documents with policy-based controls to reduce risks and ensure comprehensive enterprise mobility management.

The SAP Mobile Documents provides the security and control they need while giving users anytime, anywhere access to view, present and collaborate on business documents personal and corporate content. This content management system enterprise-ready mobile reduces business risk, helps ensure compliance, and should have access to content for higher productivity, increased efficiency and improved operations.