MobilGest provides complete mobility management solutions for iOS devices enterprise deployments.

Operating system versions supported from iOS 4* to the most recent version iOS 11.



Simple enrollment process provides an intuitive enrollment experience for iOS users.


MobilGest enables administrators to customize authentication checkpoints on applications, content and the self-service portal. To protect corporate data, MobilGest also enables you to restrict iOS device features and settings, such as iMessage, Siri, fingerprint scan and Passbook. Leverage MobilGest integration with certificate authorities for advanced user authentication and ensuring message integrity and authenticity. MobilGest enables additional security features for Apple iOS devices including the ability to securely add AirPrinters over-the-air and monitor AirPlay by whitelisting devices to only allow broadcasting permissions to specific devices.


Containerization provides complete separation of corporate and personal data on devices to ensure the security of corporate and personal data on devices to ensure the security of corporate resources while maintaining employee privacy.


Profiles allow administrators to configure devices and set security policies by user, group and location. When users enroll, personalized profiles deploy to devices and are either installed automatically or made available for on-demand installation. MobilGest allows administrators to create custom profiles for iOS devices to fit the needs of the business, such as passcodes, Email, Wi-Fi and VPN.


Manage internal, public and purchased apps across employee, corporate and shared devices deployed in your organization. Distribution of applications over-the-air and provides an intuitive end user experience.

Apple Volume Purchase Program

Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) integration enables businesses and educational institutions to buy apps in bulk and easily distribute them across multiple devices.


Allows you to secure document distribution and mobile access to corporate documents with Secure Content LockerTM (SCL). Protect sensitive content in an industry-standard 256-bit encrypted corporate container, and provide employees with a central point to securely access the latest sales presentation, board book or financial report from their mobile devices.



  • GPS tracking
  • Applications
  • Certificates
  • Policy compliance


  • Cellular network
  • SIM card
  • Wi-Fi SSD
  • IP pass


  • Incoming/outgoing SMS log
  • Daily cellular data usage
  • Policy compliance